About Tranquwell

About Tranquwell


A journey where you will learn the Japanese wellness secrets.

We harness the power of the beautiful nature in Japan,
unique spirituality,culture, and ingredients, engaging all five senses in an extraordinary environment.

Tranquwell specializes in creating tours dedicated to wellness. Japan is perfect for your next wellness retreat as it has a rich tradition of stress reduction and wellness practices. You will also learn the wisdom of natural harmony, which is the foundation of the Japanese way of living.

We understand it can be challenging for individuals to plan a wellness trip to Japan on their own. That's why our team of experts, who embrace the immense power of nature, unique spirituality, culture, and local ingredients of Japan, is here to support you on your once-in-a-lifetime retreat journey.


We offer wellness programs based on the uniquely Japanese concept of "Wa" (Japanese traditions), dividing it into “Physical" and “Mindfulness" aspects.



    We offer a variety of programs that are deeply rooted in traditional Japanese wellness practices. They will help you purify your body through food, drink, and activity, and return to your daily life with renewed energy and clarity.




    We offer a relaxing time to free yourself from everyday stress through relaxation methods inspired by Japanese landscapes and the Zen spirit.


We have a selection of luxury accommodations available for you to experience Japanese culture and spend a relaxing time in Japan.

Let us show you how we can support you on your one-of-a-kind retreat journey.

01Choose Your Preferred Tour Type

We offer three types of services: monthly Recommended Tours with our unique itineraries, Private Tours with your set date based on the itineraries of the Recommended Tours, and Tailor-made Tours.

02Smart Planning

Please let us know your wishes, and our team of experts will make your travel experience the best it can be. Once you are satisfied with your itinerary, we will take care of all the details, from booking accommodations and transportation to arranging wellness activities.

03Attentive Support

We will assist you during your stay in Japan. If you need any recommendations or encounter any problems, please reach out to us. We can also provide an English-speaking attendant upon your request.




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Copyright © Tranquwell All Rights Reserved.

California - Seller of Travel #2155893-70
Copyright © Tranquwell All Rights Reserved.