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We offer a relaxing time to free yourself from everyday stress through relaxation methods inspired by Japanese landscapes and the Zen spirit.

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Here are some examples of our wellness programs. Please let us how you would like to improve your well-being.

  • organic tea

    Zazen -Zen Meditation-
    Meditate in a Buddhist temple to experience the true spirit of Zen. The breathing techniques used in Zazen (Zen meditation) have the effect of stimulating serotonin. Serotonin is known as the "happy hormone" and plays a major role in mental stability and emotional control. Zazen helps you achieve inner peace by reducing anxiety and stress, and gives you mental clarity by focusing on your breath.
    Stress Relief / Mental Clarity / Better Sleep / Relaxation / Refreshment

    Cherry Blossom Viewing
    Cherry blossoms have long been loved by the Japanese people for their magnificence, the beauty of their fall, and their transience. While the mere sight of cherry blossoms is enough to move people's hearts, when they are in full bloom, they have scientific benefits on the mind and body. The elegant fragrance contains a relaxing substance called coumarin, and the phytoncide emitted by the tree has various benefits, such as relaxation, cough relief, and hangover prevention.
    Mood Enhancement/ Relaxation / Cough Relief / Hangover Prevention
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    Autumn Leaves Viewing
    In Japan, which has four distinct seasons, people enjoy admiring the leaves turning yellow and red in fall. The "red" color of autumn leaves is believed to activate the brain, making it more positive and motivated. In addition, enjoying the beautiful red and yellow scenery will make the brain produce more serotonin, giving you stress-relieving and relaxing effects.
    Increased Vitality / Energy Booster / Relaxation / Stress Relief
  • Moxibustion / Acupuncture

    Sado -Tea Ceremony-
    Sado is a traditional Japanese ceremony in which matcha is prepared and served to guests in a tatami tea room. Having tea in a calm atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, helps you to center yourself and relieve brain fatigue by calming the mind. The feel and subtle aroma of the wood of the tea ladle from which matcha is scooped, the sound of the Chasen whisking, the beauty of the utensils, and the taste of matcha, which is rich in healthy substances, are all part of the experience. The whole experience will wake up all five senses.
    Relaxation / Stress Relief / Mental Clarity / Antiviral Effect / Arteriosclerosis Prevention / Dementia Prevention
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    Shrine Visits
    In Japan, shrines are built in the best place with the best spiritual energy in each region.It is believed that by visiting shrines, you can get rid of bad luck and negative energy. You will return home with better spiritual energy. In Shinto, there is a belief that there are many different gods in the world, and even those who believe in religions other than Shinto can receive blessings by visiting shrines.
    Receiving Blessings / Getting Rid of Bad Luck and Negative Energy / Relaxation / Better Spiritual Energy / Making a Wish
  • Shiatsu massage

    Japanese incense has an inherently spiritual aspect in that it purifies space by dispelling negative energy. Incense is still commonly used in Japan for a variety of purposes, including improving sleep quality, relaxation, deodorizing, and repelling insects.
    Stress Relief / Relaxation / Refreshment / Better Sleep / Natural Insect Repellent

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